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February 27th, 2009

“Is that all?”

The wounded icebear lies flat on the ground grunting with pain. The king of the icebears, Ragnar,  stares at the miserable bear lying infront of him. Then he hits him again.


Ragnar feel like a God in front of all the minion icebears surrounding them to watch the battle. Ragnar summon some air in his lungs and prepare to deal the deathblow. Just as he is screaming out his anger and is about to hit the wounded icebear, the wounded icebear stands up and slashes his bearclaw right at Ragnars jaw, smashing it off his head.

“That is all.”

For those of you who don´t recognise or know of this scen it´s from the movie “The Golden Compass”(2007). So what I just watched this movie this evening again for the third time. So what the movie hasn´t got the best reviews as a movie. I still think this scene is epic. Ian McKellen does the voice as the fakewounded icebear Iorek Byrnison with such intensity in his voice it gives me goose bumps everytime.

Anyhuew, the year of two thousand and nine will surely bring alot of good movies for us all to watch. And to start of with here at Schmear Me I would like to tag a few movies I´m really looking forward to see. Maybe you and I have the same taste in movies? Or maybe not. As we say in Sweden; “The taste is like the ass”, according to Google translation.

Män som hatar kvinnor

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Crank: High Voltage

Fast & Furious

Angels & Demons

X-men Origins: Wolverine


Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Well thats just a few of the movies I wanna see this year. And you can bet there will be more tips about movies etc coming in the future here at Schmear Me.

“I´ll Be Schmear”

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