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Low grade gags or clever comedy

March 2nd, 2009

The past few weeks i have turned to some comedys to balance out the serious albeit excellent oscarnominated movies.

sexdriveFirst is the unrated version of Sean Anders movie Sex Drive wich on the paper is a typical “i’m a virgin and this is my only chance to f**k high school roadmovie” but it actually stood out from the rest. First of all i have to confess i haven’t watched the regular version so i can’t vouch for it but the unrated version was hilarious.

I wont go in to details but the one thing that made me appreciate Sex Drive was the character Lance (played by Clark Duke), his take on life is refreshing and he holds the rest of the cast together. Other noteworthy performances is delivered by James Marsden and Seth Green. Favourite scene has to be the one where Lance meets Seth Green’s character Ezekiel (an sarcastic amish guy) for the first time.

rolemodelsThe other comedy that turned out to be better than expected was Role Models starring Paul Rudd, Sean William Scott and Cristopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse.
Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott work really good together in this movie, Paul delivers his “sick of the world” sarcasm brilliantly and Sean plays the type of character we have seen him do many times before – a happy moron :)
“Mclovin” plays a dork who is seriously into live action roleplaying, to the point that he’s always wearing a cape.

The movie kept a good pace through out and i was never bored. The thing that made Role Models stand out from the crowd was that it actually had a sound message (wich never got too serious or sweet) – do what makes you happy, no matter what anyone els tells you.

To summarize… 2 great comedys that can be watched more than one time and delivers a fair amount quotes :)
I also felt it refreshing to watch a comedy that Seth Rogen didn’t star in, he’s a funny actor but for a while there it seemed he was in every comedy released.

Trailer for Sex Drive
Trailer for Role Models

Memorable schmear from Role Models
Gayle Sweeney: “Why don’t you lay out two lines of your selfishness, which is your blow, draw the shades, take the phone off the hook, grab a straw, and snort!”

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