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A machete for your jungle of remotes!

March 6th, 2009

Do you also have My remotesa remote for just about anything in your home? Tired of switching off the light in the hall when you really wanted to change the channel on the TV? Well here is the solution for you! The Harmony 1100 remote. This little beauty right here is the latest model in Logitechs Harmony family. It comes with a 3.5 inch color touchscreen and it has a gazillion setup options. So if you are one of those people who just want your stuff to work properly right out of the box, this is not the gadget for you! The one thing that made me all gitty about both the 1100 and 1000Harmony 1100 model is that you can customize the remote to do many things by one push at the screen instead of having to push just as much buttons as you would with all your regular controls. You can program the Harmony to execute a series of action and then assign them to a icon on the touchscreen. This is done on your computer with the included software for the remote.

Picture the following scenario: You come home from a hard day at work/school. You just want to throw that microwave dinner in the micro and put on a movie you´ve been longing for all day. You wait for the meatballs to thaw in the microwave then you sit down in your sofa. You see all your remotes and start to reach for the TV-remote while, in your head, you are planing the sequence in which you first have to turn on the TV/projector then the DVD/Blue-ray player then dim the lights. But just as you are about to grab the remote you see your brand new Harmony 1100 lying on the table. You press the icon for watching a DVD on the touchscreen and Schmear! your DVD starts to buzz, the projector comes to life with a fuzz and your lights turn down low. All with one press of a finger.

Sweet right!? Did I mention that the remote can feel when it gets picked up and turns itself on because of the built-in motionsensors. And when you put it down again it turns it self off  to save battery.

Oh yeah the price tag is about $500 (376 euro) so  maybe I will keep my 7 remotes anyheuw. *schmear*

“Let there be schmear”

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