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Singing in the holidays

December 15th, 2009

Christmas is getting closer and closer and now we even have lots and lots of snow. Perfect conditions for us moviegeeks :) Christmas is also the theme for most series now, so far Bones has the best one this year. Spoiler alert! Only Bones can blow up Santa and strip Booth and still get away with a hell of an episode. This is a good time to catch up with the series one has missed during the year or go for a rerun. So today I thought I’d give a TV-series tips for the holidays.


Glee is a series I’ve fallen in love with the last couple of weeks. I didn’t know that much about it when it started airing on TV4 in Sweden some time ago, but decided to give the pilot a chance. And well, I’ve been stuck ever since. It’s no question why this show has gotten so successful, mixing humour and music it makes you happy every week. Glee is in no way like, let’s say High School Musical. Yes the series is about a glee club and there’s a lot of singing and dancing but they’ve tuned it down and made it more schmear realistic in a way without losing the charm.

In essence Glee is about a Spanish teacher who takes over the schools glee club and tries to return it to it’s former glory. However the schools cheerleading coach doesn’t like to share the spotlight and tries to stop them. Several funny and adorable characters and some complicated relationships makes this show the feel-good series of the year. What really got me to become a gleek was the humour and the somewhat unexpected funny dialogues. Just check out this clip (not so good quality) and give Glee a chance, even if you don’t usually like musicals. Season one will be out on DVD soon and until then you can catch it on TV4 in Sweden every Thursday at 21.00.

I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then on some dark, cold night I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face!

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