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Awesome weekend movies

November 13th, 2009

Ahh… the weekend is here at last and as usual the eternal questions arise – what movie to watch either before the partying or the day after.


First off we have a zombie horror/comedy from UK called Doghouse (2009). In this movie we follow a group of men who head to a remote village to help their friend Vince get over his nasty divorce. When they arrive at the village (called Moodley) they discover that all the women have been infected with some sort of experimental virus that has made them into zombies lusting for some fresh meat.

The cast which includes Danny Dyer and Stephen Graham manages to keep this movie at a good pace and delivers some funny lines and scenes. It contains some gore and a fair amount of blood but not over the top. Not as good as Shaun of the dead or Severance but still a nice flick!

If you’re not into the whole horrorthingy then perhaps this new classic will do the trick – JCVD (2008). In the film Jean-Claude Van Damme plays himself, with a messy marital fight over custody of his child as well as tax problems. It has even reached the point where roles that were his are given to Steven Seagal (indeed a low point ;) ) . When visiting his old hometown he manages to get into more immediate trouble, as a hostage in a bankrobbery. The police outside think JCVD is the one robbing the bank and thus creates the tension in the film.

The difference between Van Damme’s all previous movies and this one is that he actually has to act here… and he delivers a really convincing and moving performance! Of course, being Van Damme we get a fair amount of  violence as well including one fantastic scene in the beginning of the movie.

“The female of the species is more deadly than the male.”

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