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The rise of a fallen star?

April 1st, 2009

A few days ago I was reading Metro on the train to school and I saw a notice in the newspaper that Edward Furlong, our alltime favourite T2 charachter was gonna make his awaited return to the bigscreen. Wooptidoo! I thought to myself but the feeling disappeared as quickly as it came over me. Because as I scrolled down the text I found out that the role Edward was gonna play was in Uwe Bolls next movie “Darfur“.  For all of you out there who don´t know who Uwe Boll is here is a quick recap of a few movies he has done:

BloodRayne 1,2 & 3

Alone in the dark 1 & 2


Far Cry

The reason I bring these movies up is because alot of people including me like seeing movies being made based on games instead of the other way around. But when it comes to the standard of almost all of Uwes film they are very low. Postal was ok as a movie beacuse the movie was just as crappy and weird/sick as the game but all the other game licenses he as accuired he´s also been able to completly ruin.

But how about this Darfur movie? Is there a small chance that we have a new Peter Jackson twist on our hands? Other rumored poeple to star in the movie is Billy Zane(The Phantom), Kristanna Loken(T3) both which have been in some previously named Uwe movies.

Anyheuw, this could be the rise of two fallen stars if the movie really does well but if you ask me, don´t  get your schmears up!

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