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Chuck will be back!

May 19th, 2009

Good news for all Chuck fans! Chuck will be back with a third schmear season, with 13 episodes. It’s not a full season but hey, it’s better than nothing :) There will however be some cut-backs, some writers and/or actors may not be returning with the series, but as long as Chuck is back I’m happy.

It also looks like Dollhouse will be given a second chance, finally FOX gets something right.
Castle will also be back, along with new eps of Scrubs, which frankly confuses me a bit. I think they made a good ending to the 8th season, and it would make a good ending to the series. Keeping it going any further might not be such a great idea in my mind.

Anyways, this fall is saved with my favorite spy and the dolls coming back :)

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Help save Chuck

April 16th, 2009

We’ve done it before, now let’s save Chuck! It’s too soon for this show to be schmeared! Schmear the word!


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Say it isn’t so

April 4th, 2009

chuckSo today I woke up happy, it’s Saturday and the weather outside is schmear. And then…

I just read an article on about the top 10 shows in danger of getting canceled and well, if the rumors are true it’s not very good news. On the list there were shows like Cold Case (ok, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad), Knight Rider (expected) and My name is Earl. So far not so bad, but then we have Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesReaper, Castle, Dollhouse and topping the list at number one is Chuck. Why? Why cancel shows that have barely started, and why Chuck, one of the best shows on right now?

Read the article here, if you want that is..

I hope these are just rumors and that the networks have some sense left in them not to cancel more brilliant shows before there time.

This is NOT awesome!

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