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Awesome weekend movies

December 10th, 2009

Only two weeks left now and the stress is definitely building up. Is there any better way to relax than to chill with a good movie?


27 Dresses (2008) was surprisingly good and entertaining.  The always a bridesmaid, never a bride Jane is probably the best friend a soon to be bride can have. But things get complicated when her sister Tess gets engaged with her secret love and boss George. At the same time a reporter looking for his big break turs his attention to Jane and well, it’s a chick flick to go figure. The cast includes Katherine Heigl , James Marsden , Edward Burns and Malin Åkerman. Cute, funny and entertaining, like most chick flicks but still one of the better in my eyes.


Eagle Eye (2008) also surprised me, in a good way. Two strangers gets thrown together by mysterious phonecalls on an action filled journey leading to Washington DC. Using everyday technology to track the ”actives” and control them is pretty cool and something we haven’t seen too much of, and the real story behind what this voice on the phone wants is keept a mystery pretty long into the movie. Just a lot of action and some cool effects makes Eagle Eye worth the time.

That’s it for now, have a great weekend!

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