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Updates – Joss Whedon cursed?

November 17th, 2009

dollhouseI’m sure about it now, Joss Whedon is cursed! There is no other answer to why his shows, brilliant as they are, keep getting cancelled. Dollhouse has now fallen to the same fate as Firefly :( . We all knew this day was comming but it still sucks. But please don’t stop trying Mr Whedon. All the episodes of season two will air, with the season finale working as a series finale. On the bright side, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is now airing in Sweden again on TV400, two episodes every weekday after 16.25. And you can still catch Dollhouse on TV400 Saturdays at 20.00. TV4 Science fiction has started airing Babylon 5 again weekdays at 17.05, and starting today at 20.15 they’re bringing back Star Trek Enterprise! And don’t miss Star Trek Original Series, weekdays at 18.35.

In other news, the long wait is over.  Star Trek is now out on DVD and Blu-ray! And in a couple of days so will Terminator Salvation. So now we geeks can all fill the dark November afternoons with bonus material and re-watch these awesome schmears.

Take your Vulcan cynicism and bury it with your repressed emotions.

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