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Futurama will be back!

June 12th, 2009

bender_aplausoYes it’s true! Comedy Central has ordered 26 new schmears, confirmed by 20th Century Fox! Yay!

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Who is 67?

June 11th, 2009

It’s finally here, the trailer for Shutter Island, the new Martin Scorsese movie staring amongst others Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie is based on a book by Dennis Lehane, author of books like Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone. Shutter Island is a really good book, a dark puzzel set on a island filled with mystery.  I could not imagine anyone better to bring this story to the bigscreen than Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio is perfect as the main character Teddy Daniels. Having read the book and knowing what these people are capable of I just know this schmear will be great.

Check out the trailer here. The movie hits the theaters October 2nd.

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He said he’d be back

June 4th, 2009

Can you go wrong with a post-apocalyptic sci-fi, filled with robots, lots of action and Christian Bale? The answer is no, you can’t! :) I must say I’ve never really been a big Terminator fan but I knew I would love Terminator Salvation the minute Christian Bale was on board, the guy seems to be unable to make a bad movie. However, after seeing it last night I can say for sure that this will be one of the best movies this year, perhaps even one of the all time favorites. Loved the dark post-apocalyptic setting, and the bots looked really schmear. McG did a great job directing and the cast was solid. Thumbs up for Sam Worthington and his performance. Anton Yelchin proved once again he’s a great upcomming actor and one to keep an eye on in the furture (even though seeing him here made me want to see Star Trek again ;) )

So go see T4 so they have to make T5 just as good!

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