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Chuck will be back!

Good news for all Chuck fans! Chuck will be back with a third schmear season, with 13 episodes. It’s not a full season but hey, it’s better than nothing :) There will however be some cut-backs, some writers and/or actors may not be returning with the series, but as long as Chuck is back I’m happy.

It also looks like Dollhouse will be given a second chance, finally FOX gets something right.
Castle will also be back, along with new eps of Scrubs, which frankly confuses me a bit. I think they made a good ending to the 8th season, and it would make a good ending to the series. Keeping it going any further might not be such a great idea in my mind.

Anyways, this fall is saved with my favorite spy and the dolls coming back :)

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  1. Holmur
    May 20th, 2009 at 08:40 | #1

    That is fantastic news, Go Chuck! :)

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