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Review of an Oldie and a Newie

March 6th, 2009

About a week ago I bought the German Jeepers Creepers 1&2 4 DVD Deluxe Edition. Got it for a nice price on www.tradera.com and I had only seen the second part. So a few days ago I watched Jeepers Creepers 1, and here are my thoughts about the movie.

First of I just want to add to the record that I love scary movies, even though they give me nightmares. There something about getting that strange shivering all through your body when you watch a horror movie  on the projector in a dark room. And this movie did just that. Strange? Well I thought so to. The movie itself is not the best nor the scariest horror movie i´ve seen but for some reason this movie gave me that shiver.

The plot is about a sister and her brother driving home for spring break. But on their way home they see a mysterious figure dump, what looks like bodies, down a pipe near a church in the middle of nowhere. They keep driving but after a short while the mystic figure rams them of the road with his truck. When they get back on the road again they just have to investigate the pipe and look if it really was bodies or something else. Guess which one it is? Then they try to outrun this mysterious figure throughout the rest of the movie but he has got them in his scent so to speak.

This is an average horror movie in lack of better options and gets 5/10 from me.

And now to the newie.

Splinter is your ordinary “The thing” wannabe movie, a parasite infects people and that leads to bloodshed, bloodshed and more bloodshed. You have all the usual ingredients for making a creature feature movie. A young couple going camping, a strange hitchhiking couple and a 400 year old forest.

This movie consist of some really gruesome shoot and the editor David Michael Maurer have to get credit for making the “Creature” look pretty decent on the screen with such a low budget and a not so good  effect studio creating the creature itself.

Anyheuw this movie is overall above your average creature feature movie released nowadays and get 6/10.

“Please don´t schmear me!”

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  1. Holmur
    March 6th, 2009 at 22:49 | #1

    I have to admit that i got the same feeling when i watched Jeepers Creepers 1, nothing spectacular but it has a nice vibe or something.

    Splinter was nice, good monster .. but i’m a sucker for those kind of movies.. although they more than often turn out to be so cheesy you laugh your way through them =)

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